How does your qualifications verification system work?

Part of your profile requires you to fill in your qualification information, such as your grades and schools attended. There is also a “Certificates Upload” tab for you to upload soft copies of your certificates and documentations to support and prove whatever you have claimed under the qualifications section.

Tutors will only be verified if they have uploaded adequate documentations to support whatever they have written for their qualifications. The verification will be done on a case-by-case basis by Temasek Tutor’s coordinators. Individual uploaded documents which have been successfully used for verification by Temasek Tutors will be reflected in your Tutor Account Pages within the “Certificates Upload” section.

Verified tutors are identified with the button which will appear beneath their profile.

In order to keep our information as accurate as possible, verified tutors will have their verified status temporarily removed whenever they resubmit their profile information, or whenever they upload or delete a file. The verified status will be returned upon re-verification by Temasek Tutor’s coordinators.