Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how users’ personal information is handled in order to engage in the services available on our website. It applies generally to websites where this policy appears in the footer.

By accepting the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use in registration, you express consent to our collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is effective upon acceptance for new users and is otherwise effective on August 17, 2008.


  • References to "Our", "We", "Us" and "Temasek Tutors" shall be references to T Tutors Pte Ltd.
  • References to "You", “Users” and "Your" shall mean references to user(s) visiting this web site, as the context requires.
  • References to "Tutor" or "Tutors" shall be references to user(s) who have registered and maintained an account with Temasek Tutors. He/She has explicitly stated his interest in receiving tutoring assignments.
  • References to "Client", or "Clients" shall be references to person(s) who formally makes a request to engage in Temasek Tutors' services. He/She has explicitly stated his interest in hiring a tutor from us.

Information Collection

Browsing our websites does not require your identities to be revealed. However, under the following circumstances, you are not anonymous to us.


We will ask for your personal information. The personal information collected includes but not restricting to the following:

  1. Private information such as name, NRIC registration number and birthdate
  2. Contact information such as email address, mobile number and physical address
  3. Qualification information such as grades obtained and schools attended
  4. Write-ups on experiences and commitment levels
  5. Preferred teaching locations
  6. Preferred teaching subjects
  7. Preferred tutoring rates
  8. Additional information which we may ask for if we believe the site policies are violated

Once you log into the Temasek Tutors account, your identity will be revealed to us.


We may ask for assignment details from you to facilitate the matching. The assignment details include but not restricting to the following:

  1. Email address, physical contact information, and (depending on the transaction requirements) sometimes financial information, such as credit card or bank account numbers
  2. Postage, billing and other information to facilitate payment
  3. Proposed lesson details such as duration of lesson, frequency per week and assignment budget
  4. Additional information which we may ask for if we believe the site policies are violated

Information Usage

The primary purpose in collecting personal information is to provide the users with a smooth and customized matching experience.

Temasek Tutors will use the information collected for the following purposes

  1. To provide its intended services
  2. To resolve disputes, and troubleshoot problems and errors
  3. To collect payments and commissions
  4. To assist in law enforcement purposes and prevent/restrict the occurrences of potentially illegal or prohibited activities
  5. To enforce our terms of use
  6. Compare information for accuracy, and verify it with third parties

Disclosure of information

  1. Information is primarily disclosed to facilitate the matching process.
  2. Information provided by the tutor will be displayed publicly and be accessible via our portal by the users
  3. Information provided by the client will be broadcasted to prospective tutors for potential match up.
  4. Private information such as your contact number, address and your uploaded documents will not be revealed without your consent.
  5. We may also share the information to other business entities should we plan to merge or be acquired by the entity.

Usage of Cookies

Cookies are small files placed in your computer hard drives. We use it to analyse our site traffic. We have also used cookies to maintain your signed in status when you login to our websites.

Changes to the policies

Temasek Tutors reserved the rights to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Upon posting of new policies, it will take immediate effect. We may notify you should there be any major changes to the policies.