How do I display my picture in my profile?

In your Tutor Account Pages, click on the “Profile Photo” tab. Using the interface provided, you can choose to delete your current photo or upload a new photo.

Photos should meet the following condition if you wish to adjust it yourself.
1. The size should be 140px (width) by 180px (height)
2. It should be bright enough
3. We should be able to see your face clearly
4. The uploaded photo should be no bigger than 4 MB.

A photo cropping interface is provided for you on the same page to crop photos to the ideal dimensions. Temasek Tutors reserves the right to adjust your photo or perform cropping of your uploaded pictures for a better display of the tutor’s picture.

Note also that your profile photo will only be visible to yourself and not made public, until the photo has been approved by Temasek Tutors’ coordinators. This is to ensure that no misleading photos of inappropriate content are uploaded.