Are there any requirements for my uploaded certificates?

Temasek Tutors maintains a strict policy of verifying all uploaded certificates. In order for your certifications to be accepted and verified by Temasek Tutors' Coordinators,

Please Ensure that:

1) Your Name is displayed clearly.
2) Your School Emblem and School Name is clearly presented.
3) Any authorized Signatures on the Certificates should be clearly presented.
4) All text must be legible.
5) Uploaded Documents should preferably have been scanned, as photograpahed images may be blurred.
6) The certificates should be scanned fully, and not cropped. We do not accept partial certificates.

Please understand that your profile will be shown to clients requesting your services, and your qualification certifications may play a big role in their decision making. Therefore, the certificates you uploaded should preferably be related to the subjects you are teaching.

Temasek Tutors will not distribute your certificates to ANYONE unless you have approved it.